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Documentary film


Sea is our life is my first documentary production done in the year 2010.I along with my colleague Shanka Bodiyabaduge made this documentary film on the fishing community at Angulana, Sari Lanka . The film is about their struggle to survive during the monsoon in each year and the social crisis they face due to that.

In this film, we attempted to discuss about the social life of these people linked with complex nature of their occupation- fishing- and environments, and their struggle to survive their lives on the one hand from the environmental hazards and on the other hand from power impositions by various political practices. The film discusses about the paradoxes between governmental policies such as resettlement and socio economic back ground of the people. In this film, we also attempted to highlights their vulnerabilities for existence due to lack of resources and skills including education. It was not our attempt to give solution for them but to surface their voices to be heard those who are concerning to mainstreaming the marginalized social groups.


This is the story of the people who live in a coastal belt at Angulana in Sri Lanka. For six months, sea brings them hope; earn their live hoods, and life. When monsoon begins to hit it becomes their desperate fate. Six months for every year, during the monsoon, their struggle to survival begins. Their houses are being washed away. It stops their live hoods. This is the story of the people whom has become a victim not only of natural hazards but also a victim of political promises. This film shot during the monsoon started end of the May in the year 2010. The film depicts their endless struggle with sea for life.

Video :  https://www.facebook.com/seaisourlife/videos/753871098369753/

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/seaisourlife/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Title: Sea is our life

Screenplay writer and producer : Waruni Anuruddhika

Co Director and Director of Photography : Waruni Anuruddhika  And Shanaka Bodiyabaduge


International screenings : “Voices for  the Water” International film festival, Banglore India 2010.

Alliance Française Colombo- Sri Lanka 2010

SUNFO –  Sri Lanka United Nation Friendship Organization – Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

NAFSO – National Fisheries Solidarity Movement – Negambo,  Sri Lanka

US Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission – December 11, 2019