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Exhibition – Teertha International Woman Artist’s Photography Residency 2011

Exhibition is at Teertha Red Dot Gallery, 36 A, Beddagana Road, Pitakotte,Sri Lanka

Concept Note – Waruni anuruddhika

City is an essentially a segregation from the rural. Urban construction is a reflection of the dream of urban dwellers to climb the sky. It is also a reflection of the way in which urban dwellers cage themselves within the square types of buildings.  Miniature types of garden, toy animals which have been placed in the homes, express the nostalgic feeling of loss.   This is the life of urban man which is infused with nostalgia and optimism.

Urban Housing | Urban Space | Urban Dreams

Digital Prints on photo paper  | White matted  | White wooden frame | Digital  Images and 35 mm film

Copyright Waruni anuruddhika 2011