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Fisherman’s at Angulana

The fishing community lives in a coastal belt at Angulana, Western province in Sri Lanka.

The social life of these people linked with complex nature of their occupation- fishing- and environments, and their struggle to survive their lives on the one hand from the environmental hazards and on the other hand from power impositions by various political practices.

For six months, sea brings them hope; earn their live hoods, and life. When monsoon begins to hit it becomes their desperate fate. Six months for every year, during the monsoon, their struggle to survival begins. Their houses are being washed away. It stops their live hoods. They have become a victim not only of natural hazards but also a victim of political promises. These series of photograph shot during the shooting of the documentary film ‘Sea is our life’ in May 26, 2010.

Copyrights Waruni Anuruddhika