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(i)mage An Exhibition of Images
Space is personal; it is determined by our cultural, emotional and intellectual limits to ensure our comfortable existence. The discourse of space is ever-present within photography. The space between the viewer and the viewed, the spaces constrained by a finite frame as well as the memory of a space captured through a lens are all in this discourse. Space is shaped through emotional experience, through memory and through observation. These things also shape personal experience with photography. Images exist in all spaces public and private; from public images on Facebook to private dreams running through our minds. An image can lead us to recall a specific space connected to a time or place. As a result, a space can become forever owned, stored away and touched again and again. This exhibition titled (i)mage includes the works of four image-makers, Danushka Marasinghe, Waruni Chandrasena, Sajeewa Thotagamuwa and Maddie Klett. They express their personal encounters with photography through the use of moving and non-moving imagery.

Concept Note -Waruni Anuruddhika

Freedom, Prison and the Heaven within Walls . 2015 Series of 5 digital prints from scanned color negatives. 12 x 18 inches

Space and its distinction between ‘public’, and ‘private’ was a modern invention in European discourse. Pre industrial Europe, Particularly in Britain, identified the home (domestic) and work (professional) spheres as a single entities. Distinction between public and private is one aspect of spatial politics that has developed throughout history along with spatial segregation politics in the industrialization process.

The naturalized and neutralized notion of public and private is not innocent. It was the process of marginalization, segregation, and violence. It was the process that defined how human beings should behave in public and private spheres, that defined who has the right for labour and whose responsibility it is to maintain the home. Vast arrays of concepts and discourses have drawn the boundary while at the same time eliminating its humanized face, leaving people feeling of abandoned, isolated, and marginalized while reinterpreting human relationship in new manner.

These photographs are a metaphoric attempt to imagine the three different spaces of public and private, which are isolated from its human interactions.  It attempts to portray the experiential reflection of how such distinction can take on a different meaning, through human interactions, through blurring the boundaries, crisscrossed actions across boundaries, and so on. It is also an exercise in imagining the transformation of the meaning of space through emptiness.




The exhibition was held at Theertha International Artists Collective 39/4A, D. S. Senanayake Mawatha, Borella, Sri Lank .  July 2015