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On the Christmas day I was hanging around  on streets in Colombo  to take photos of celebrations.  I stay  at the Victoria park for a couple of hours, till the sun goes down. The Kids park is one of my favorites place at Victoria park.  I took some photos of the kids who’s  having fun of the water circle then I turn back. Stay for a while at one of the oldest balloon seller who’s selling Balloon and water bauble toys  near by the main road. One father of a family came to by a toys form him.  the light was supper soft. I quickly click my camera. He bought one soap bauble toy and gave it to her daughter. Such a surprise … Her mother requested me to take a photo of her little daughter…

Later on I got to know they are from Maldives. They  came down to Sri Lanka for a holiday .

Photo was shot in colour and converted to Monochrome at the post production. Canon 5D Mark III /  / 24-70mm

Copyrights Waruni Anuruddhika 2015