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Yet they are waiting for their loved ones …

“Disappearances are a crime against humanity. Let us not allow it to happen again”.

Where ever or whenever it happens, it leaves the most painful memory forever.

This series of photos were shot on the 27th of October in 2015 at the 25th National Commemoration Day for the disappeared which was held at Raddolugama Junction, Seeduwa where the Monument for disappeared, stands on. It is the ground that Ranjith Herath & Lionel were killed and burned on the 27th of October in 1989. The event was organized by Right to Life with collaboration of family members and friends of disappeared. There were about thirty family members from Northern and Southern parts of the country. They all gathered to commemorate the missing members. Hundred thousands of people have been abducted and killed or disappeared during the last three decades in Sri Lanka. Family members are still waiting for their loved ones …. , searching for justice … With tearful eyes and painful hearts, they have been searching their loved ones all over the country… Their wishes have not been realized.  Yet they are waiting… with weeping souls.


Memories of a father …  How wonderful this world would be  ,  if her father comes back !

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The monument for disappeared


They might have gone for every temple , every church and  every mosque to pray for their loved ones. Even yesterday ,today and tomorrow …


Belongings of disappeared still  reserved a food portion for their loved ones.  Thinking that they will turn up. 


As long as she can, she will be  searching  her  loved ones. But for how long … 


A young woman  among the gathering …


Could you tell where they are , what happened to them ?

296A1296A copyThere wont be any peace in their hearts without  knowing  what happened to their loved ones  


The civil war ended  in 2009. It left  many wounds.  Yet unhealed …


The family members are holding the photos of the disappeared with a hope, somebody will help them to find out what happened to their  sons , daughters and  relatives.


Agony of a son … without seen his father for many years …


Mother and son with shattered life …


To whom can we say  ?  From whom can we ask ?   


still waiting … 


Though there  were no name attached  we can remember our son, daughter and relatives   …

“This wreath with no name attached  is for you … “

296A1897 When the justice became just – ice, disappeared  became sculptured  

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