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Look at Me

Canon 5D Mark 111 | 24-70mm

Digital prints| Color and Black and White |8″x12″ | White Matt| Solid  Wood  Natural Frame

Look at Me

A Portrait is a representation of a frozen moment of human emotions and feelings that are situated in a particular time and space. Also, it is embedded in a particular social and cultural context. Hence, each portrait has a story to be told and also leaves an element of a story untold. We will never know the untold story behind the emotions or feelings of the person in the portrait, yet, each portrait will add depth to our humanity.

The exhibition Look at Me is an invitation to read the untold story of a group of people who live in a marginalized community in Sri Lanka. All the men, women and children who are in the portraits in their beautiful dresses were waiting to pay homage to their goddess Pattini. This is the moment they regain their agency and authority through the process of worship. In the ritual parade, the marginalized community becomes the centre of the attention for a small time. That moment helps them to forget the challenges of their daily lives. But what happens after the ritual…

Waruni Anuruddhika