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 fishing – not for sell – just to survive

in the middle of drying off water reservoir

When we visited the water reservoir  in August  the water level  of the tank had  decreased form 33 ft to 3 ft due to a long drought . People in the Eastern Province suffered a lot since they had difficulties to reach out to get drinking water.  

There was a 15 days of water cut when we reached to Batticalo .  Only limited number of people those who could pay big amount of money for a water bowser get the  water from privet water suppliers. Mean time rest of the others were waiting at the roadsides  until the municipal council water bowser comes every day. The govenment Municipal council provide limited amount of water daily basis  which hardly fulfill their needfulness. 

But most of the people who live  in suburbs had lot of difficulties to get access  al least  for drinking water. As community members said most of the wells were completely dried off .  People have to walk miles and miles away form their living premises to get water for their daily needfulness.   

Farmers  have to struggle to keep continue farming  since there’s no enough water  to do farming. Specially the poorest people those who live  in suburbs in  Eastern Province badly effected to the drought.  We noticed most of the people who  live near by Pulugunae water reservoir do fishing mainly for their daily needfulness . 

Summer School 2019 Field visit to Kokadicholai  Eastern province Sri Lanka

Canon 5D Mark 111 / 24-70

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