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– An  unforgettable people with humble and warmly smiles.
It was closer to the noon, I was keep waking through the Hanthana road towards Kandy. Both the road sides were covered by either the forest, or the tea plantations. Although the density of the forest was reduced and dried out due to lack of rain but the breeze came across the mountains yet cooler and blend with fragrance of tea and wilderness …. the road was partly shady and sunny, the ambient filled with different chirpings of birds. Anyone will easily get attach to the beauty of the nature but sometimes it’s the both nature and the people that we met up perhaps we never met up them again in whole our lifetime. While I waking down on the road I saw a young man and a little daughter and two women were stepping down through the tea bushes from the top of the mountain. Blue and shining yellow colors of their shalwar dresses make me to take a photo from very far. and these colors struck me and keep waiting at the roadside till they come down. This young man and his little daughter came down to the main road with a friendly smile. I just smile and say hello to them. Little girl’s father wanting his daughter to say hello to me but she still feels shy to talk. The next turn is mine … her dress is very pretty, a beautiful pink hairclip on the top of her hair. I took a couple of photos of two of them with his permission. A gaze of sweet little girl and a humble and warmly smile of a young man freezes ….

Canon 5 D Mark 111 |24-70mm ©Waruni Anuruddhika 2020