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I was keep walking along   the shady road in Hanthana without having an idea of for how long that I am going to keep continue walking ….

Tea estate workers were plucking tea on the roadside tea bushes, most of them were finishing off their morning working hours and they were about to leave to the tea leave collecting center when I met them. I took their photo from a distance. A young and pretty woman ask me to come to the slop where they were plucking tea … We group of women took a selfi, … They were so surprised and happy with an unexpected compliment, supervisor went away mean time they start keep talking ….

Chandrakumari is the one and only bread winner of her family. She has to take care five other members of her family.  “Our daily wage is still 700 ruppiees, hope we will get the increment from next month “She said with a faded voice.  They can get additional 50 ruppiess if they could have reached to the target up to 18 Kgs per day. The new government promised to increase the daily wage of estate worker up to Rs. 1000 from March onwards. would that be another election promise!!!

Canon 5 D Mark 111 24-70 mm | ©  Waruni anuruddhika 2020