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Aroma of green grass ~ would be  enough to bring   peace , grace  and Amor …

#COvid19Diary  ~ April 28

Morning was bright and beautiful even though the pandemic frighten  the whole world. I  just went out from the apartment , walk along the railway track ,  Wild flowers and grasses were shining and dancing  in the morning sun ……..  I plucked some wild flowers  and grasses form the roadsides .  There were only a couple of people showed up  since we were on curfew road was empty and  less  vehicles. I met up with one of the elderly neighbor at the apartment gate  that I met previous day   who was going for jogging . I  came  back soon , set the flowers and place it . This bunch  of flower is for you Gaytri !  For your birthday !  Hope this flowers will brighten our day ! I know that you are staying all alone in this lockdown as many of us . It’s extremely hard time for all us to live away from dearly and nearly ones, but life goes on ….  but it shapes  up by many experiences   influences  that we  confront daily  … can we get rid of it ? 


Canon 5D Mark 111 | 24-70 mm @ 70mm | 1/250s |f 6.3

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