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Amazement is always there …. Even the wild flowers can brighten your day ! It’s  all upon the way you see things …

Curfew has extended  once again ,  but  we are allowed to go to nearby grocery shops   to get the essential goods and most essential daily needfulness within minimum distance.  Most of the by roads are empty but still  people can be seen , not many . I went out from the aprtment gate after many days  just to pluck  some wild flowere alone the railway track . Since My aprtment is adjoin to the KelaniValley railway line I could hear the train sound all the time from early morning to night  .  since the curfew enforced there were no trains and no sounds at all  . Its really good to the environment  at the same time I feel something missing without the sounds of the train   ….   I  just Walked down the railway track and pluck some wild flowers.  After many days I met up  with an outsider , an  elderly neighbor at the apartment gate  who is going for jogging .   I sad good morning to him ! While plucking  flowers.  He seems to be happy ! I  came  back soon  though I wanted to have a little chat with him .  set the flowers …. A little hope and bright feeling for a mundane life …..  In  the  evening sundown I saw this  amber  light comes through the window shutter and dazzling over wild flowers  …. 

#COvid19Diary April 28 S#Segments of Visual diary

Canon 5D Mark 111 | 24-70 mm @ 70mm | 1/40s |f 4.5

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