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Stay Home Do Not Eat! Be healthy and so Strong! fill your stomach  with clean air ~ Ignore the feeling of hungry it’s just an illusion …

In the crisis of pandemic 1Kg of pumpkin reached up to Rs. 150 as many other essential goods.   They are no longer being able to purchase instead going to be gallery objects.

So, I turned down all the pots, started to taking pictures all the fruits and vegetables and rest of the other things that I wish to eat. It’s easy to store it in your mobile hard drive or microchip. No need to bothered about the space in your fridge to store them. Either you can frame the pictures and hang them around your dining table. It’s easy then when you feel hungry take a look on them, just as the goods and goddess do 😍

Thanks for all the goods and goddess who are in the price control authority !

#Covid19Diary  #segment of  the visual diary ~ #StayHome

Captured with Samsung Galaxy

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