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An  abandoned house in   Jaffna.  There’s no one to looking through the window, but Boganvila is still blooming. Who lived there? Where did they go? What happened to them? Where are they now?  There are many untold stories. Some elderly members have passed away. Some of them have settled elsewhere with rest of the family members. They are still traumatized due to the war.  Some are still waiting for their disappeared family members remembering them.

‘Pain and Memory’  solo exhibition focused on displacement and disappearance in Sri Lanka. Currently photographs of  ‘Pain and Memory “ are exhibiting under  the   invited category on World photography day celebration exhibition: “FRAMES-2020”- on-line global photography exhibition; Organized by Gayoor Art Foundation in India.Exhibition curated by  Naushad H Gayoor and Jeetin Rangher .Here is the link to see the online exhibition


Genre : Creative photography | Art Photography  | year 2019  | Canon 5 D Mark 111