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Self and ruined house in Northern province – Jaffna. How we became strangers to each other? 30 years of war disrupted the lives of the people in North and South. There are many untold stories that I am still searching through.  When the North transformed into a battleground, people left everything they possessed including land and houses to save their life. They lost their dwellings, their kids and relatives. They were living in refugee camps with numerous issues. …

‘Pain and Memory’  solo exhibition focused on displacement and disappearance in Sri Lanka. Currently photographs of  ‘Pain and Memory “ are exhibiting under  the   invited category on World photography day celebration exhibition: “FRAMES-2020”- on-line global photography exhibition; Organized by Gayoor Art Foundation in India.Exhibition curated by  Naushad H Gayoor and Jeetin Rangher .Here is the link to see the online exhibition


Genre : Creative photography | Art Photography  | year 2019  | Canon 5 D Mark 111

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