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The largest two storied doubled wall traditional designer house with a beautiful courtyard that I found in Jaffna. Even though the owners did not resettle, they use to visit the places time to time and clean the place. Some of these houses have care takers. Some houses have built fences and gates after the lands were released. Some of the lands are used for agricultural activities while the rest of the lands were completely abandoned.  Those who don’t owned lands are still living in temporary shelters in Jaffna.   Mainly they are wedge labors and is considered as people of lowest cast.   

‘Pain and Memory’  solo exhibition focused on displacement and disappearance in Sri Lanka. Photographs of  ‘Pain and Memory “ were exhibited under  the   invited category on World photography day celebration exhibition: “FRAMES-2020”- on-line global photography exhibition; Organized by Gayoor Art Foundation in India.Exhibition curated by  Naushad H Gayoor and Jeetin Rangher .Here is the link to see the online exhibition


Genre : Creative photography | Art Photography  | year 2019  | Canon 5 D Mark 111

copyrights Waruni Anuruddhika