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costumes   are not simply  an outfits,  it has  many coding . Materials, colours , textures and  designs ect ; all these elements contain specific meanings . It  has capacity to creates  characters , enhance moods , build personalities. Also costumes represent the  social, cultural and economical status  and identitiy of the person who wear it.   

portraying  fashion in photography is an exercise of of  chemistry of  fashion designer , client , model and the  photographer .  The choice and the influence of the people around the process of fashion industry  can lead fashion photography  through many different paths.  It could  be a portrayal in an  elegant , classic , sexy or erotic ,  artistic creative and imaginative work by the end according to the choice.   However  combination of fashion and photography built an icons , generate ideas of ideals in society , influence the cultures .  

Vogue article quote Barthes  on fashion photography //the French philosopher, in his book “Fashion System” has proposed to look at the world as a background, when referred to fashion photography. This background can be converted into a certain semantic statement. Setting sense of fashion keeps a delicate balance between seriousness and a certain quirkiness.

According to Barthes, fashion photography has three general trends. First – this is the literal representation as photos in the catalog, depicting clothing. The second is associated with romanticized demonstration, where fashion refers to a sort of history where the real life becomes art. The third trend – is a fashion to the point of absurdity, where the model is shown in an irregular situation or an unrealistic comparison, where there is no romance, no reason, and the total absurdity reigns. Bart leans to the description of fashion photography as a certain exorcism in which everyone wants to achieve an “outrageous” photograph.// 


10 May 2021

Client : Linen Atelier

Model: Shanaz

Photography by Waruni Anuruddhika 


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Canon 5 D Mark 111 / 50 mm

copyrighted to Waruni Anuruddhika

Link for the  images : https://www.facebook.com/linenatelier/photos/pcb.1428880494133504/1428853740802846/