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Its simple and minimalistic ,  bright and clear  ,  slight touch of  floreal  is a sudden glimpse … sensibility of  Zen  !  

Theres an untouched touch of divine scent   but  you can sneeze it  feel it ….it a combination of all the aroma and essence from ocean  to sky and beyond  which  is in your imaginary world  …. something hypnotic deeply rooted and connected to your life  …. Some smells  impress you  an  impression of earthly and heavenly feelings ,  twist with  soft  ,  mild can untamed  countless  emotional  touchs  that  you are looking for throguh out your life …. 

It  makes  every moments fresh ,makes your days so brighten … lingering  with you as  precious memories   forever …. 

Scenzz, the best perumery salon  in the city  who could fulfill  all your perfumery needfulness.

Client: Scenzz

Photography by Waruni Anuruddhika 

Canon 5D Mark 111 / 50 mm

Photography & writeup ©Waruni  Anuruddhika