Waruni Anuruddhika is an independent Sri Lankan filmmaker/ Researcher / curator   whose work explores the experiences and dynamics of social transformation, migration, human rights, community resilience, peacebuilding , gender and education  in Sri Lanka.  Her work with marginalized communities and community stakeholders has addressed displacement and disappearance, ritualistic worship by marginalized urban communities, gender, Identity and educational access. She earned diploma from Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Television Training Institute completed three-year photography diploma course at National Photographic Art Society of Sri Lanka. She is a student of MA  (MA in Media Research) in  Sri Place Campus – University of Colombo. 

Waruni collaborated with national and international donors, Education Institutions, including UNDP/HRC, US Embassy , International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES), Chelvanayakam Memorial Trust Jaffna,  Goethe Institute Colombo, Alliance France De Colombo, International Movies that Matters and the Fulbright program, Cornell University, University of Durham UK, National University of Singapore, Wollongong University Australia , The Eastern University  of Sri Lanka, Sri Palee Campus , University of performing Arts in Colombo. She is native Sinhala speaker, with fluent English. Currently she is working as a  Museum curator / concept curator and trainer to the Peace Museum at  Chelvanayakam Memorial Trust in Jaffna . In addition she is  studding diversity and Identity of an urban Muslim community in Colombo Sri Lanka and Identity and space of Bhikkunis and Nuns in dominant hierarchical order in order to explore through two documentary films. Also, Waruni is curating two of her solo exhibitions ‘Pain and Memory’ focused on displacement and disappearance in Sri Lanka. ‘Fragments’ a series of self reflection ; explore and portray a multiple perpectives of her own Identity and beyond .. In addition, she is collaborating for an academic paper ‘Education and Social Exclusion’ as a collaborative writer with Niyanthini Kadirgamer  which  is based on her documentary film ‘Children of Cemetery dwellers’.

Solo Exhibition

2017         Look at Me – Willad Strat Gallery , University of Cornell USA

2017     Pattini; A Photographic Journey Through the Ritualistic Worship of  Goddess           Pattini .   Mario Einaudi Centre for International Studies , University of Cornell USA

2007      ‘Contested Space’: A Photographic Exhibition of exploring the multiple    histories of ancient Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka, exhibited at Lionel Wendt in Colombo , Sri Lanka

Professional Work (Research and Film)

2022      Collaborative Resercher paper Title: Children of Cemetery Dwellers: Documenting Education and Social Exclusion in Sri Lanka

2021       Diversity and Identity of an urban Muslim community in Colombo Sri Lanka (Work in progress)

2020       Identity and Space of  Bhikkunis and Nuns in dominant hierarchical order (Pre- Production/ Production)

2019        ‘Pain and Memory’- a photographic exhibition and a documentary film based on the research of the people who were displaced and lost their relatives during the war in Northern province in Sri Lanka (Work in Progress)

2018         The Moon and The Kannaki – An Ethnography and A documentary film based on the research of Kannaki Amman worship in Vanni and Jaffna in Sri Lanka. (Pre Production)

2018         ‘Space of Pattini Ritual – Research paper presented at the International conference on “Importance of Mainstreaming Local Knowledge Systems and Intangible Cultural Heritages” at Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies (SVIAS) Eastern University, Sri Lanka

2018         Pain and Memory – A photo essay of disappearances in Sri Lanka Published on blog: https://warunic.wordpress.com/2018/01/14/pain-and-memory/

2016-present  Pattini: A photographic journey through the ritualistic worship of Goddess Pattini of marginalized community in urban Sri Lanka (photographic book in progress)

2017    ‘Space of Pattini Ritual as Negotiation and Tension of Identity’ Research paper presented at the spring seminar series – University of Cornell USA

2014   Director/ Script writer/ Director of Photography – documentary film ‘Gifts and Visions’ produced by Professor Bob Simpson at Department of Anthropology, University of Durham, UK

2014    Director/ Script writer/ Director of Photography – Documentary film ‘Children of Cemetery Dwellers’ Produced by Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA)

2012    Director/ Screenplay writer/ Director of Photography/ Producer – Documentary film ‘Victoria Home’

2012   Director of Photography – Short fiction ‘The Concrete Road’ Produced by Lahiru Samarasinghe

2011   Assistant Director – Documentary film ‘Human Rights and United Nations’ –UNDP/HRC joint production, Directed by Wasantha Obeysekeara

2011   Director of Photography – Documentary film ‘University of Kelaniya’ Produced by Media Unit, University of Kelaniya 2011

2010   C/o Director and Director of Photography / Script writer / Producer Documentary   film ‘Sea is our life’

Professional Positions

2022   curator / concept curator and trainer –  Peace Museum Chelvanayakam Memorial Trust –  Jaffna

2019       Facilitator – The session  ‘Photography as a research methodology’ – Summer School program was held in Marndresa Btticaloa with a collaborative partnership of Goldsmiths University UK, Eastern University Batticaloa and Law and Society trust Colombo in August 2019

2019       Director of Photography / Media Coordinator / Social media curator – ‘Caligula’Theatre production Sri Lanka2019(https://www.facebook.com/Caligula2019/)

2017       Visiting Scholar University of Cornell – USA  2017

2013-2014     Program Coordinator / Visiting Lecturer – Film appreciation program; Eastern University of Sri Lanka – organized by Centre for Sri Lankan Studies, funded by US Embassy Sri Lanka

2012       Coordinator / Instructor Film appreciation program conducted by Cultural Centre Madukanda, Vavuniya Northern Province –  Sri Lanka

2011- Present    Blogger  https://warunic.wordpress.com

Professional Honors, Awards and Fellowships

2015        Fulbright Professional Award 2016-2017 – Affiliated to Cornell University NY

2013        Best Film Award for ‘Victoria Home’ 2013, ‘Agenda 14’ Short Film Festival

2013     Nomination for the Sunila Abeysekara Human Rights award for ‘Victoria       Home’  Agend 14Short film festival 2013

2013  Reimagining Development Short Film Grant 2013, awarded by                                                  Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA) Colombo, Sri Lanka

2012       Workshop on Cinema without Borders Workshop 2012 – Awarded by Movies                            that Matters, The Hague, Netherlands

Copyright Information:Images and text of this bolg are copyrighted to Waruni Anuruddhika. Using and  reproducing the images or content are strictly prohebited witout having a written permission  form copyright holder.

38 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Waruni, I have been in Sri Lanka about 35 years ago and I deeply loved your country, I had the most wonderful time there


    • Please do visit again if possible. we can travel a bit. After 30 years of civil war there are so many changes. yet so many things to do. Many different development projects are going on. beautification of cites are so grand and colorful. But the life of the people do not have that colorfulness.Yet we are waiting with hopes. Things will be better tomorrow.

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  2. Hi Waruni. Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!


    • Hello Herman, Thanks for visiting my blog too. I highly appropriate the continuous story of a lovely a cat. which is very personal and very universal. This series of photos, shows how important to take care about pets like a family members, not only that but also it shows how easily we can concern about a tinny little things which we never think of. Pets always gives a sudden glimpse to have positives thoughts .I have a cat too. She is Rose. She makes the day . I published a few photos of her on my bog some times ago. When I go through your photos it gave me an impression to continue documenting the days of Rose and me. Which I couldn’t continue. this is the link of the photos . https://warunic.wordpress.com//?s=Rose&search=Go

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  3. hooklineandinkwell said:

    Hello! You are an amazing photographer and I love how you capture life around you. Thank you for liking one of my posts. Regards, Thomas!


  4. What a very wonderful C.V. you have, Waruni. Many thanks for the follow. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog too.


  5. hello waruni,
    greetings from kuala lumpur!
    many thanks for your recent visit and taking an interest in my blog, much appreciated. i note that you are from sri lanka, i visited about 3 years back, such an amazing and beautiful place, took lots of photos, stopped almost anywhere and everywhere, tested my driver’s patience to the limit! hope to revisit soon.


  6. Hey Waruni,
    So happy I stumbled upon your blog! I remember a speech you gave at the American centre in Colombo and I wanted to keep in touch (chatted briefly to you after the event) but couldn’t manage. Happy I can now follow your blog and your documentary work 🙂 all the best!


  7. maijaharrington said:

    Wow — what wonderful qualifications! I wish you all the best in your career — and I appreciate your stopping by my blog about pugs (which, I think, are not very common in Sri Lanka!


  8. Wow! Most impressed Waruni! Congratulations. Long may you continue on your chosen path. Hugs!
    Might ‘follow’…if you don’t mind. 🙂


  9. How interesting your life has been so far…quite an impressive resume!!.


  10. thanks for stopping by our blog and liking our “summer” post


  11. Thank you for stopping by Beauty Along the Road, Waruni. You have a very impressive C.V. I am looking forward to seeing some of your work here…


  12. Great Feeling to follow you! Nice portfolio!


  13. Very good & important work you’re doing waruni. Your documentaries look amazing. Thanks for taking time to dropping by this morning and like my Rachel Carson post. Peace & hope – Bruce


  14. Lakshmi Anantnarayan said:

    Hi Waruni,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me the chance to know more about your work. It looks very interesting! I look forward to following your work. Lakshmi


  15. I love how your blog is so differently set out. It is one of the stand outs from many that i have come across, Instant follower of you now, cheers! 🙂


  16. Hello Waruni,
    Thank you for liking my blog entry of baby geese. Reading your cv, I am doubly grateful and also very impressed.
    Again, thank you.


  17. Hello, Waruni – thank you very much for stopping by my blog and ‘Liking’ one of my photo posts, it gave me the chance to come to your blog and look at your wonderful photography and made my day even better 🙂


  18. Thank you for stopping by storyteller. — Ray


  19. The Sunday Monochrome photo is fantastic!


  20. K'lee L. said:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your work is outstanding. I look forward to viewing more over time. Excellent work!


  21. Thank you for taking the time to wander around my blog Waruni and thus inviting me to return the visit. Your images awaken feelings.


  22. I tried to subscribe to your blog but the subscribe button didn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? I find your career and blog most interesting and would love to follow your work. I travel the world full-time (365 days a year) as a photographer and writer and I am looking forward to visiting both India and Sri Lanka for extended periods of time.


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