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‘Mangal’ is the name of this house. Name was embossed on the top of the main door. Who’s name it could be? As my friend said one of her aunt’s house was named and dedicated to one of her cousin sister. Wealthiest people in the Northern province-built houses in order to give as a dowry (a customary wedding gift) for women. They are still keeping these houses and properties as souvenirs even though they do not come and settled there.   

‘Pain and Memory’  solo exhibition focused on displacement and disappearance in Sri Lanka. Photographs of  ‘Pain and Memory “ were exhibited under  the   invited category on World photography day celebration exhibition: “FRAMES-2020”- on-line global photography exhibition; Organized by Gayoor Art Foundation in India.Exhibition curated by  Naushad H Gayoor and Jeetin Rangher .Here is the link to see the online exhibition


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